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Twigs mercer pa

           Twig's Reloading Den
          8388 Sharon-Mercer Rd.
              Mercer, PA 16137

           Monday By Appointment
            8AM to 6PM Tue - Fri
                10AM to 4PM Sat

We are on your way to or from Pymatuning or Shenango Dam

MAP Please click on street view for our store front picture. You can see the "Bear on the Rocks"

 Greetings and Welcome!

     We are located in the Heart of Mercer County Pennsylvania and are one of the areas "Best Kept Secrets". For over 30 years we have catered to the Hunting and Fishing Crowd, the Hikers, Backpackers, Boaters, Campers and every other Outdoor Enthusiast. If you’re looking to Reload, Target Shoot, maybe find a Sportsman Club or a Hot Fishing Spot, stop in or drop us an E-mail. We’re on Route 62, 1 mile west of Mercer, Look for the “Bear on the Rocks”.

We would like to acknowledge all the fantastic work that the Shenango River Watchers have been doing. You can now put your canoe/kayak in at Pymatuning Dam and float unhindered
down to Riverside Park in Greenville PA. The next phase will be from Greenville PA to where the Shenango River flows into the Shenango Dam. Please stop in for directions or supplies.
We will also be posting links to online updates as the project continues. The Pymatuning Boat Club web site is a source for info and pics of the cleanup and Paddlefest Shenango events.

Twig’s Reloading Den

Who would of guessed that by the 3rd quarter, we still can not get any merchandise. We have some primers, some powder and bullets, some 22 lr ammo but still having a hard time getting enough. All manufactures are working 24/7 and to capacity. They are telling us 6 to 18 months to return to normal or somewhat normal atmosphere.

Many new fall items are coming in so be sure and check us out.

            Please Be Aware of the Following:
When you stop in to buy a Fishing or Hunting License, we can not accept a credit or debit card for their purchase. Reason being, the PGC & PFBC will not allow us to charge a convenience fee to cover the excess charges of the credit card processors, even if the customer agrees to an extra dollar or two. The processors  charge an average of 3% on gross sales. We end up losing more then the dollar we make. We don't understand in the plastic card age we live in that they will not address this issue.

           Good Luck to whatever you do!



We Can Order it!
  We can order just about anything in the sporting world. Please stop in, give us a call or send an E-MAIL to check out availability and price.

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